Bid to Win Premium NFTs for way below floor price

Auctions start at 90% off with no reserve

Sellers can earn more than floor price because fees are collected from each bid.

How Is This Not A Scam?!

The huge discount is possible because the seller earns fees from each bid – rather than just the final winning bid.

As a result, the winning bidder can get a discount, and the seller can earn more than floor price from cumulative bid fees. Here are some key traits of this auction.


Unlike a standard auction (where only the winning bidder is required to pay), this auction requires all bidders to pay their bid amount.

Timer Extension

Each bid will extend the auction by 24 hours. This allows worldwide participation without losing sleep. Plus, there’s no advantage to waiting until the last few minutes.

Winner, Winner

If you are the top bid when the timer runs out, you win the NFT. Click on "Claim NFT" in the menu bar to transfer the NFT to your wallet.

Bid Farm™

Everyone's a winner, because you get 2 Free Bids after placing a Paid Bid. And – yes! – you can apply those Free Bids to any future auction. Of course, you cannot get Free Bids from placing a Free Bid.

Quick Explainer Video

Watch this 2-min. video to learn how to bid and win on NFT Deals auctions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome your questions on Discord, Twitter, or via email. In the meantime, here's a selection of common questions.

  • This looks too good to be true. What’s the catch?

    There is no catch! The massive discount against a collection’s floor price is possible because we operate a novel auction format where you pay-to-bid.

  • Then the buyer gets an incredible deal! There’s no reserve on this auction.

  • We leave that up to you! On the one hand, bidding early feels like you may be outbid by others who want this NFT. On the other hand, if everyone thinks like that, then people may decide to wait – giving you the win. That tension is what makes our auctions entertaining!

  • Anything less than a 24 hour extension feels like we are excluding some part of the world. Not cool. Here, the world gets a fair chance to bid. Plus, there’s no advantage to waiting until the last few minutes if you know that your bid will extend the auction.

  • In a "Fixed Increment" auction format, this amount represents the price should you bid in the auction. Unlike other auction models, where you determine your desired price, this auction automatically calculates the next possible bid.

  • In a 'Last Bid Standing' type auction, each bid is a non-refundable payment to participate in this auction.

    In a 'Fixed Increment + Outbid Refund' type auction, the smart contract returns a portion of your bid back based on the amount of time remaining in the auction when you bid. The earlier you bid, the more money you get back. The remainder of your bid is the fee to participate in this auction. By spreading the fees across many bidders, the huge discount is made possible.

  • Rewards include "Free Bids," which are usable in future auctions. Other Rewards include points that are accumulated based on your activity, such as bidding. Later, those rewards will be convertible into our $NFTD token when it launches.

  • Every time you place a bid where you pay WETH to participate (a "Paid Bid"), you are eligible to receive 2 "Bidder" NFTs. At the conclusion of a given auction, the "Bidder" NFTs are distributed via an airdrop to the wallet addresses that submitted the Paid Bid(s) in that auction. Later, you can 'burn' those "Bidder" NFTs to place a bid instead of making a WETH payment to participate in an auction (the "Free Bids"). You can also keep the "Bidder" NFTs as collectibles or trade them on OpenSea.

  • Not yet, but we are considering whether a reward-to-token conversion makes sense for the community. Ideally, a token can be tied to auction revenue. For now, rewards will be used only to identify active participants and send them cool airdrops, stickers, and invites to exclusive auctions.

  • The simplest thing is to come back and check if you have been outbid. But we also offer an email notification feature. After bidding, a modal will pop up, giving you the option to subscribe to outbid notifications.

  • Good question. Trust no one and inspect the smart contract! Please navigate to EtherScan and verify that this auction has the identified NFT escrowed in the contract. It’s there 🤑

  • At the early stages of an auction, the bid may be less than the amount of gas required to process the transaction. But, still, the total amount paid (bid + gas fees) will still be a huge discount on an NFT that you can win.

  • Nope. If the timer runs out at any amount, the auction will close and the winner can claim the NFT.

  • It is theoretically possible for the auction to extend for a while if people continue bidding. But that would be economically irrational at some point. We expect most auctions will settle at significant discounts against the collection’s floor price.

  • Not yet, but it’s on the roadmap. Consider this application experimental. Use at your own risk and for entertainment purposes only. In general, using crypto applications, wallets, protocols, and tools may expose you to risks including, but not limited to, smart contract bugs, systemic risk, flashloan attacks, economic incentive failures, liquidity crises, admin key exploits, governance exploits, and pegged assets such as stablecoins or tokenized BTC de-pegging.

  • Yes, click on “Bid History” to see what other wallets have participated in this auction so far.

  • We don’t think so, but we cannot control if others develop bots to play along. The smart contracts is designed to disincentivize bots. For instance, the resetting timer makes it less attractive for bots to snipe the auction in the final moments. Moreover, dynamic, auction-timer dependent fees encourage early bidding, which disadvantage bots that rely on calculating ideal bid strategies.

  • wETH stands for "wrapped Ether.” It is a cryptocurrency used to make bids for digital goods on this and many other sites. There is a 1:1 exchange between wETH and ETH, so you can always convert it back and forth. We use wETH because ETH is not an ERC-20 token, which makes outbid rebates and other functions difficult or gas-heavy.

  • The first time you bid, you will need to approve NFT Deals to access your wETH. You only need to approve this once per auction. After that, you can simply click on the “Bid” button to approve the transaction with a connected wallet.

  • You can view live and expired auctions here. But there may not be other auctions right now. Rather than a sprawling marketplace with thousands of items for sale, we focus on a highly curated set of premium NFTs.

  • Yes. We’re always looking to connect with NFT influencers. Find our mods on Discord and request a special mission.

  • Find us on Discord and tell us more about your NFT. Or fill out this Google Form. We’re primarily focused on blue chip NFTs that have high trading volume and price floors. Additionally, we’re primarily working with sellers who have significant Twitter followers.


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